Dell PowerEdge T350 Server


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Dahua DHI-LM22-B200S Monitor
Dahua DHI-LM22-B200S Monitor
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Dell PowerEdge T350 Server
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6,349.00 SR

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Dell PowerEdge T350 Server

Unleash Robust Performance with the Dell PowerEdge T350 Server – Your Business's Digital Backbone!

Introducing the Dell PowerEdge T350 Server, a powerhouse engineered to elevate your business operations. More than just a server, it's a reliable ally in the digital realm, combining cutting-edge technology with Dell's commitment to performance.

Key Features:

1.   Intel Xeon E-2314 Processor:

o   at the heart of the PowerEdge T350 lies the formidable Intel Xeon E-2314 processor, ensuring your server meets the demands of your business operations with unwavering speed and efficiency.

2.   Ample Memory:

o   with 8GB RAM, the PowerEdge T350 is equipped to handle complex tasks and simultaneous processes, ensuring your server maintains optimal performance under any workload.

3.   Spacious Storage:

o   Boasting a 1TB HDD, this server provides ample storage for your data, applications, and business-critical files. Your digital assets are secure and easily accessible whenever you need them.

4.   Built for Business:

o   The PowerEdge T350 is more than a server; it's a cornerstone of your business infrastructure. Its reliability and performance make it an ideal companion for a range of applications, from data management to hosting essential services.

5.   Scalability at Its Core:

o   Designed with future growth in mind, the PowerEdge T350 is scalable to meet the evolving needs of your business. It adapts as your digital footprint expands, ensuring your server investment is future-proof.

6.   Dell's Signature Reliability:

o Backed by Dell's reputation for reliability, the PowerEdge T350 is engineered for stability and durability. Count on this server to be the backbone of your digital operations, day in and day out.

Upgrade your business infrastructure with the Dell PowerEdge T350 Server – where performance, reliability, and scalability converge. Make a wise investment in a server that not only meets but exceeds your business needs. Transform your digital landscape today!


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Brand Dell
Processor Intel Xeone
Ram 8 GB
Storage 1TB HDD
Graphics card Integrated
Operating System DOS
Color Silver
Warranty 2 Years
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