BenQ projector MS560


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Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop Processor Intel Core i3-12100 1TB HDD - 4GB RAM DDR4,Intel UHD Graphics 730 ,Free Dos, Black
Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop Processor Intel Core i3-12100 1TB HDD - 4GB RAM DDR4,Intel UHD Graphics 730 ,Free Dos, Black
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1,349.00 SR
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BenQ projector MS560
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BenQ projector MS560 meeting room projector, 4000 lumens, display resolution, SVGI 800X600, dimensions 4:3, DLP display technology, with remote control and internal speakers - white

1,379.00 SR 1379.0 SAR 1,379.00 SR

1,379.00 SR

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BenQ projector MS560

Transform Your Meetings with the BenQ MS560 Meeting Room Projector – Your Ultimate Tool for Clear and Engaging Presentations!

Introducing the BenQ MS560 Meeting Room Projector, a versatile and powerful projector designed to elevate your presentations and meetings to the next level. More than just a projector, it's your gateway to seamless collaboration, vibrant visuals, and immersive audio for effective communication in any meeting room environment.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Brightness and Clarity:
    • Illuminate your presentations with stunning brightness, thanks to the 4000 lumens output of the BenQ MS560. Whether you're in a brightly lit meeting room or a dimly lit environment, this projector ensures clear and vibrant visuals that captivate your audience's attention.
  2. Sharp and Detailed Display:
    • Enjoy crisp and detailed images with the SVGI 800X600 display resolution of the BenQ MS560. From spreadsheets and charts to videos and photos, every detail is rendered with precision and clarity, ensuring that your message is conveyed effectively.
  3. Optimized Display Dimensions:
    • Experience the perfect aspect ratio with the 4:3 display dimensions of the BenQ MS560. Whether you're projecting slideshows, documents, or presentations, this projector delivers an optimized viewing experience that fills the screen with content without any distortion or cropping.
  4. Advanced DLP Display Technology:
    • Benefit from superior image quality and reliability with advanced DLP display technology. The BenQ MS560 projector utilizes DLP technology to deliver sharp, lifelike visuals with accurate colors and enhanced contrast, ensuring that your presentations leave a lasting impression.
  5. Convenient Remote Control:
    • Take control of your presentations with the included remote control. With intuitive buttons and easy navigation, you can adjust settings, switch between slides, and customize your presentation on the fly, making it easy to engage your audience and deliver a polished performance.
  6. Built-in Internal Speakers:
    • Enjoy immersive audio without the need for external speakers, thanks to the built-in internal speakers of the BenQ MS560. Whether you're presenting videos, audio clips, or multimedia content, this projector delivers clear and powerful sound that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Upgrade your meeting room setup with the BenQ MS560 Meeting Room Projector – a perfect blend of performance, reliability, and convenience. Make every presentation a success with a projector designed to meet your meeting room needs and elevate your communication to new heights. Elevate your presentations today!

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Brand BenQ
Warranty 2 Years
Projector Brightness 4,000 ANSI Lumens
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