Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop


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Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop
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i5-12400, 8GB DDR4, 256 GB, Dos

1,799.00 SR 1799.0 SAR 1,799.00 SR

1,799.00 SR

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Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop

Unleash Performance and Efficiency with the Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop – Your Productivity Hub!

Introducing the Dell Vostro 3910 Desktop, a computing powerhouse designed to meet the demands of your daily tasks with style and efficiency. More than just a desktop, it's your reliable partner for work and play.

Key Features:

1.   Intel Core i5-12400 Processor:

o   Harness the power of the Intel Core i5 processor, delivering a perfect blend of speed and performance. Whether you're working on projects, multitasking, or enjoying multimedia, the Vostro 3910 has you covered.

2.   Ample DDR4 Memory:

o   with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, experience seamless multitasking. The Vostro 3910 ensures that you can switch between applications effortlessly, keeping your workflow smooth and efficient.

3.   Speedy and Spacious Storage:

o   the 256GB SSD not only provides lightning-fast access to your files but also offers ample space for your documents, applications, and media. Say goodbye to slowdowns and hello to productivity.

4.   DOS Freedom:

o   Operating on DOS, the Vostro 3910 gives you the freedom to install and personalize the operating system of your choice, tailoring your desktop exactly to your preferences without pre-installed Windows.

5.   Sleek and Modern Design:

o   Cloaked in a sleek and modern design, the Vostro 3910 is more than a desktop; it's an aesthetic addition to your workspace, making a statement with its style and functionality.

6.   Advanced Connectivity:

o   with a variety of ports, the Vostro 3910 adapts to your connectivity needs. Whether you're connecting peripherals, displays, or external devices, this desktop ensures you stay connected with ease.

7.   Dell's Reliability Assurance:

o   Built with Dell's commitment to reliability, the Vostro 3910 provides stability and durability, ensuring your desktop keeps up with your demand's day after day.

Upgrade your desktop experience with the Dell Vostro 3910 – a perfect fusion of power, efficiency, and style. Make every moment count with a desktop designed to meet your every need. Elevate your digital journey today!


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Brand Dell
Processor Intel Core i5
Ram 8 GB
Storage 256 GB
Graphics card Intel® UHD
Operating System DOS
Color Black
Warranty 2 Years