Dahua DHI-LM32-E200C Monitor


1,099.00 SR

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Dahua DHI-LM32-E200C Monitor

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DHI-LM32-E200C Full HD LCD 32 Inch

1,099.00 SR 1099.0 SAR 1,099.00 SR

1,099.00 SR

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Dahua DHI-LM32-E200C Monitor

Unleash Peak Productivity and Visual Fidelity: The Dahua DHI-LM32-E200C Monitor

The Dahua DHI-LM32-E200C monitor empowers professionals and enthusiasts to achieve optimal performance. This 32-inch Full HD display features a suite of high-performance specifications meticulously engineered to enhance productivity, visual clarity, and user comfort.

Unparalleled Performance for Demanding Workflows:

  • Blazing-Fast 165Hz Refresh Rate: Experience unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness in fast-paced applications, rendering demanding software with exceptional fluidity.
  • 1ms MPRT Response Time: Eliminate frustrating motion blur and ghosting, ensuring a crisp and lag-free viewing experience perfect for graphic design, video editing, and competitive gaming.
  • Expansive 178° Wide Viewing Angles: Maintain consistent image quality and color accuracy from virtually any position, ideal for collaborative environments or multi-monitor setups.

Enhanced User Comfort for Extended Sessions:

  • Integrated Anti-Blue Light Technology: Reduce eye strain and fatigue during extended working hours, promoting a healthier and more productive user experience.
  • Sleek, Ultra-Narrow Bezel Design: Maximize valuable screen real estate while minimizing visual distractions, allowing for complete focus on the task at hand.

Versatile Connectivity:

  • Dual HDMI and DisplayPort Inputs: Connect seamlessly to a wide range of devices, including PCs, laptops, consoles, and more, ensuring compatibility for any application.

The Dahua DHI-LM32-E200C monitor delivers exceptional value for professionals seeking enhanced productivity and visual fidelity. Its combination of high-performance features, user-centric design, and cost-effective price point makes it a compelling choice for a variety of demanding workflows.

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Brand Dahua
Resolution ‎1920x1080
Display type LCD
HDMI Port Yes
Warranty 2 Years
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